Our first gig!

Epic, a Harmony, Inc., barbershop quartet
Epic is all smiles right after our first performance, Oct. 2011

It happens to every quartet… at some point, you finally perform your first gig! For Epic, our official public introduction came just two days ago, on October 16. The day was truly epic in many ways.

First, October 16th is shared birthday of two very important people in the Epic universe. Morgan Lewellen, Christina’s daughter, turned 8 years old, and John Rector, Kristina’s dad, turned something other than 8 years old! We were thrilled that John, and his lovely wife Judy, took a time out from his birthday celebration on Sunday to join us for our first performance.

After we were dressed and blinged and properly perched on top of sparkly gold heels, we walked past our venue (the auditorium/cultural center at a local community college) and found an empty gym in which we could do a little warming up. John found us (well, heard us…) when he arrived and joined us in the gym. He hasn’t heard us sing in a while and the look on his face was priceless! We can tell you right now–there’s no better feeling than having a talented, decorated barbershop singer give you that little knowing nod and say, “You guys are sounding really good, and you look great.” An awesome start to the night!

Epic, a female barbershop quartet, poses for a self portrait in the dressing room
Synchronized-self-portrait-taking in the dressing room at NoVa Community College. Always time for a little fun 🙂

Our audience was warm and engaged and attentive. We sang our four songs with a couple of brief talk spots and every moment seemed well received. This is what singers live for… all the driving and rehearsals and homework time are completely worth it for those moments!

We’re all still walking on cloud nine two days later and the icing on the cake came in the form of an email today from the organizer of the concert who hired us. He writes:

“OKAY…OMG! EPIC is AWESOME! I am tee-totally blown away by the gorgeous, artistic, and soulful performance that EPIC offers…I look forward to working with EPIC in the future!”

When’s the next one??? November 2nd can’t come soon enough! We’re ready!!

One thought on “Our first gig!

  1. Christina:

    You always think you know someone, but you prove my point, that ain’t so. Congrats and sign FMA up for 5 totes that I can use for door prizes at the Spring Conference.

    Best of luck and

    Merry Christmas!

    We don’t rest on P.C down here in south Georgia.


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