Epic’s Christmas gift = Corcoran Gallery performance

We got the coolest Christmas gift EVER.

Today, Epic performed for the first time (and hopefully not the last!) at the breathtaking Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. We met some amazing people and pulled a gorgeous young lady into the barbershop fold [insert evil laugh here].

Epic, a premier female barbershop quartet, enjoys Sunday brunch at Todd Gray's Muse
Post-performance Sunday brunch at Todd Gray's Muse. An incentive worth singing for!

First, we have to say…it is no surprise whatsoever that Ellen Gray and her husband, Todd, have built a budding culinary experience company in the Washington area (which includes multiple restaurants and catering companies). She is so warm and welcoming, quick to smile, and super-attentive to her customers. Todd Gray’s Muse at the Corcoran Gallery is a majestic setting and–OH MAN–the food!!! It truly is worth the trip, and Epic will be the first to sing its praises (couldn’t resist… sorry) in the future as we encourage our friends, family and supporters to join us there for performances. We have some serious “foodies” in this quartet, by the way, all of whom were in HEAVEN with this particular perk of the gig!

Just a few quick highlights from the day…

First, we met the most beautiful young first grader who attended the brunch with her family. She approached us and told us it was her birthday so we would come to her table to sing for her. Turns out, her mother informed us it was NOT her birthday, but we know a fan when we see one and we headed straight to her table! We sang for her and then taught her the “Sleepy Time” tag so she could sing lead with Anne. She was awesome! A great young singer and hopefully a future female barbershop quartetter! Big hugs before she left 🙂

Epic, a premier female barbershop acapella quartet, at the Corcoran Gallery, Washington, D.C.
The craziness of the holiday season put a bubble in Anne's brain. She brought the wrong cover-up top... but at least it was the right color. Close enough 🙂

We also met some very notable area musicians, including an incredibly charming opera teacher who praised us for our ability to keep a perfect pitch (woot woot!! Richard Lewellen, are you reading???), and we celebrated birthdays (real ones this time) for no less than four of our kind audience members! A supporter of ours that we met at our November City Club performance, Lorrie, also attended–how great is that? We enjoyed visiting with her and we’re hoping to see her again soon, perhaps at a personal event she’s hosting!

Even though Anne was a bit under the weather and the craziness of the holiday season had us all wondering what the heck the first word of each song was, we had a fantastic time spending time together and meeting a new group of friends at Todd Gray’s Muse. We expect this will be a regular part of our performance schedule so stay tuned for future date announcements.

Today’s experience was certainly Epic’s Christmas present and we truly loved it! As we wrap up the year, we’d like to wish all of you the most joyous of holiday seasons. Celebrate with those you love and make sure you find some time to sing some songs together… music = happiness!

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