Beautiful all the way around

We are really excited to launch a new fundraiser for Epic! We are kicking-off a Mary Kay online party that provides Epic with 100% of the profits. We are hoping you’ll consider placing an order to help us out. It’s super easy… you order online, pay online, and the order is shipped directly to you for FREE!

We have to work pretty hard to pull in the funds to earn our way to our Harmony, Inc., contests. Because we live in a part of the country where Harmony, Inc., is looking forward to FUTURE growth (hopefully with our help), the epicenter of our home Area is pretty far North and we have to travel a long, long way to get to our contests. We’re not quite fortunate enough to have one in our backyard, or even within driving distance. With the gracious support of our friends and families, as well as the awesome gigs we’ve been blessed to land, we worked hard to get to Montreal, Canada, for our Area 2 contest earlier this year… and came home with the championship.

Now it’s time to work toward Orlando, where our International Contest and Convention will be held in November. We appreciate your support more than you know!!

So just to make things fun, we’ve decided to throw in a little incentive, of sorts! If you feel inclined to stock up on your Mary Kay favorites, or even decide to make these fabulous products a gift for a special person in your universe, and your total comes to more than $100, Epic will email you a special music clip that you can use as your ringtone or keep on your MP3 player just for fun!!

We love you all… and we couldn’t continue this EPIC journey without you. Thank you so much!

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