Team Effort

Who knew we could be so excited about a recording of just one voice!? Today, Anne and Epic coach Richard Lewellen had a special coaching session to hammer out the interp for our new ballad. With less than four months until our International Contest & Convention in Orlando, we’re moving super-fast to pick up new contest songs.

Side note: We’re not trying to be intentionally evasive on the names of the tunes, but we want to maintain that fun element of surprise. So we’re not trying to tease, but we’ve gotta say… we are SO EXCITED about these charts! They are gorgeous and fun and fresh and totally Epic.

Back to the point! So Anne and Richard worked hard to make a lead learning track of our new ballad. And the following instructions came from coachie-poo Richard this evening… we’ll cut some of the blah-blah to get to the main points:

“… sing the melody with Anne and sing your part with Anne….do this over and over again … Please don’t cut corners.  [Blah, blah, blah….]  Again, please no short cuts. Thanks, you amazing women.”

Yes, sir!!

This stuff is so fun!


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