Our #1 Fan!?!

We have been more than a little vocal about the fact that we met Robert Duvall back in May at the Virginia Gold Cup horse races. After we did our National Anthem hit, we were ushered around to various sponsors’ tents to meet some impressive dignitaries. In the course of that whirlwind tour, we met the kind, warm and engaging Mr. Robert Duvall.

Robert Duvall, Epic, a Harmony Inc. quartet, performs the National Anthem at the Virginia Gold CupHe enjoyed our music, sharing with us that the tunes we sing from eras gone by remind him of his younger years. Mr. Duvall is a musician himself and he comes from a very musical family. At the Gold Cup, he asked for our card and wanted to know if we’d join him at his Virginia farm the next time he was hosting a party. Naturally, we said we would move heaven and earth to make it happen!

Fast forward to about a month ago and the lovely Ms. Daisy, Mr. Duvall’s Virginia-based assistant, reached out to ask if we would perform on a Thursday evening for a party Mr. Duvall was hosting in his “party barn.” Um, yeah!

So here’s the coolest thing about all of this coolness. When Mr. Duvall’s wife, the unbelievably gorgeous Luciana Pedraza, first walked up to us to greet us, the words that came out of her mouth were along the lines of this: “Oh my goodness… it’s Epic! I finally get to meet you! Bobby has been talking so much about you. Thank you for being here tonight. He’s such a big fan. He has told me so much about you.”

Umm, oh my goodness.. .say WHAT?! Robert Duvall is Epic’s #1 fan?? We are in love. Forever and always!

We had a moment at one point at the evening when we all looked at each other with big eyes and an “are you kidding me?” sort of look on our faces. Shana said, “Who would have thought?” Who would have thought at the beginning of this epic journey that would have ended up having such amazing experiences together. Wow.

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