18 Days to Go!

Cover mockup_edit2The next couple of weeks are going to be marked by a whole lot of counting down and holding our collective breath! That’s because we have officially launched our Kickstarter project to pre-sell our debut album, “It’s Epic,” and raise the rest of the funds we need to get this labor of deep and devoted love across the finish line!

Please, please, please consider supporting our project. We are really proud of the work we did on this album and we are confident that it’s one you’ll want to hear over and over again!

It’s particularly important to us to secure this funding in the next 18 days because we want to deliver the project on time and we don’t want to have to cut any songs. We recorded a whopping FOURTEEN songs when we were in the studio, but it costs extra money to edit, mix, master and (most significantly) pay the extra licensing fees for these songs. We could trim it down to 10 or 11 songs but we’re proud of all of them and we’re committed to our goal of leaving each and every one on the album.

Thank you so much for your consideration and support. You’re backing a CD and you’re backing a dream. We don’t even care that it’s a cheesy cliche. It’s 100% true. Thanks so much!


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