Friends, friends, and “NACHO friend”

We are about to jump out of our skin… we are SO excited for the weekend that lies ahead! We have a road trip on the books and we have three states to tackle in two days 🙂

First, we’re heading out to Ocean City, Md., to serve as mic testers for the Region 19 quartet contest. As we wrote in a recent blog post, we’re so honored to have been asked to participate in this Sweet Adelines event. We’re looking forward to meeting new friends and reuniting with a lot of our existing barbershop friends in this area. We hope that some of the ladies don’t have a super early call time with their choruses on Saturday… we’d love to camp out in a corner of the lobby and sing some tags!!

Then, bright and early Saturday morning, we’re driving down to North Carolina to do a show with the General Assembly Chorus (Cary, N.C.) and special guests STORM FRONT. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! So cool!!! Putting Anne near Jeff may cause spontaneous combustion of some kind. Yay… more friends!

A quick pause in the excitement to send a special shout-out and LOTS of love to our Area 2 sisters. We’re missing Area 2’s contest and convention for the first time in our existence as a quartet because we were offered the show opportunity. Since we’re raising funds to represent Harmony, Inc., in Vegas this summer at the World Harmony Jamboree, we decided to go for it… but that doesn’t mean we’re not super bummed about missing our time with our sisters in Area 2. We wish you all the deepest and most heartfelt GOOD LUCK. Wear your invisible crown and show those judges how amazing you are!

So finally… friends, friends and “nacho friend”??? What the heck is that all about? Well, the last time Epic went on a road trip, we got a little punchy (shocking, yes), and decided to have a tag-writing contest between the quartet core (lead/bass) and the bookends (bari/tenor). You see, we amuse ourselves by sometimes writing tags based on current events and/or random things that inspire us. In this case, this YOUTUBE video of a slightly inebriated woman telling a joke about nacho chips amused us so much that we thought we’d have a tag-writing contest based on this. We plan to finish up our lovely tags, record both versions, and then post them here so you can vote  on which one is better!!

Here are some pics from the first round of tag-writing mayhem…. on our flight back from the AHC show in Atlanta 🙂

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