2012 Harmony Queens

“What will be even more amazing is when we win a crown and have this as a story…” —Anne Albright in a text from the Emergency Room, 1:31 a.m., Friday From the moment Epic formed, we have been on a certain trajectory as a quartet. The Universe has had a certain plan for the quartet … More 2012 Harmony Queens

The final countdown

We’re not sure about how other quartets feel right before a big contest, but we’re finding that peace and a strange stillness sort of settles on Epic in the days and weeks leading into a competition. At least that’s what we’ve found in the couple of times we’ve been fortunate to be heading to a … More The final countdown

An Epic Cause

Hello friends! We recently received some exciting news … yet another amazing stop on this Epic journey! On the recommendation of our coach Lynn Jacobs, we auditioned to be a part of The A Cappella Sing-Off at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va. The contest, which takes place on Dec. 6, is super cool for several … More An Epic Cause

Epic Oops

So, here’s a learning experience for worth a few laughs and a shrug of the shoulders. Our epic oops on Harmony, Inc., protocol. So before we begin the story, we should state for the record that the only one of us who has any idea what she’s doing is Kris. She has a crown. She … More Epic Oops