We have a home! Our quartet’s Area is….

So Epic presents an interesting situation for Harmony Inc. We are all associate members (at the moment…we have dreams to start a chapter in the future) and we all live in expansion states! Our members live in Virginia and Maryland so we were in a position to select a home Area for our quartet.

We were equally excited to consider both Area 2 (which has Maryland designated as an expansion state) and Area 6 (with Virginia as an expansion state) and finally decided that “drive time” would be the deciding factor since we’ll have quite a trip to make for area contests and events. Click to Google Maps and a couple of quick searches and we had our quicker trip by at least several hours… Area 2!!

We are so excited to be a part of such a vibrant Area!! We are hoping to meet many of our Area 2 sisters at the International Contest in Hershey… the rest we’ll be happy to see next spring at Area contest. Woooo hooooo!

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