If the shoe fits…

Shana and Kris love sparkly dresses!

Sometimes, things in life are just “meant to be.”

The puzzle pieces of our quartet have clicked together in so many ways. We enjoy spending time together, we look forward to rehearsals, and we only fight over who gets the last scoop of Rob’s guacamole.

We are excited about the songs we’re learning and the year ahead of us. And we have to share that one of the most challenging aspects of being in a female performing quartet–selecting outfits–has been shockingly easy! In fact, we’ve had tons of fun during our quartet dress-up sessions… making it difficult to decide what to keep (we want to keep it all but we’d seriously have to take a week-long cruise to wear everything once).

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering… remember those crazy gold heels?  “Keepers,” for sure!

To our fellow sisters in harmony, we’d love to hear about YOUR quartet shopping stories. How do you do it? Do you shop together or do you have one person who loves the process of guessing, buying, trying on, shrugging shoulders and returning the “no way” outfits?

Our goal was to make sure that we all feel comfortable inside and out in our Epic outfits. Forgiving material, sparkles in just the right places, and shoes to make us feel powerful in our stature as we strive to inject power into our voices!

What do you think makes for the PERFECT quartet outfit? What makes you feel powerful when you’re on stage with your quartet or chorus? We can’t wait to hear.

Hugs and harmony!! XOXO… Epic

At first we weren't sure about the gold tops, but we LOVE them now. Anne and Chris are all smiles with comfy tanks and some bling.

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