Can you help us reach our goal?

We are having ourselves a little inter-Epic contest. You see, we’re conducting several fund-raising efforts this spring to help us travel to our area and international contests, as well as cover some of the related expenses of paying for our music, coaching and other expenses. Our January fundraiser is offering super-cute personalized Thirty-One totes. We have a goal to sell 100 totes before the January 25th deadline.

Click the totes above to see the Epic fundraiser flyer. You can add your own message to each of these totes. How about Epic snack? Epic lunch? Epic break!

So here’s the thing…. yes, we have a quartet goal of 100 totes. But there’s all this competitiveness swirling around this quartet and we’re sort of…kind of….totally having a contest with each other to see who can sell the most. Chris is in the lead at the moment, but Anne is not one to let someone beat her. Kris does know a lot of people, though….and then there’s silent Shana (you’ve gotta watch out for the quiet ones). Which Epic gal will represent the most personalized totes!? Will you help us settle the score??

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