A Fairfax Family

The Fairfax, Va., chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society has quickly become our “barbershop family.” Most quartets in our hobby have a home chapter to which they belong, but since there are no Harmony, Inc., chapters in Maryland or Virginia (yet!!), we are so blessed to have found an adopted home with the men who make up the Fairfax Jubil-Aires. These fun-lovin’ barbershoppers have included us in several of their performances and events, and we’re looking forward to singing on the chapter’s annual show in May.

Last weekend, the Fairfax chapter asked Epic to join them for their annual installation banquet as the members celebrated 59 YEARS (yes, 59!) as a barbershop chorus. The event was festive and full of good food and good-natured teasing… in other words, a true family gathering!

We’ll post a couple of fun videos from that night, and we’d like to offer a hearty thank you, once again, to the Fairfax Jubil-Aires. We are so fortunate to be an extended part of such a warm and committed barbershop organization!

And now for some videos!

First, our favorite stand-by, Cry Baby. You may notice that, right before we start singing, Chris says to the quartet, “Let’s get loud.” Just for the record, Epic celebrates “loud” much in the same way Riptide used to celebrate “tall.”

And because every barbershopper will understand this moment, we have to share with you “Epic Fail.” We’ll let you guess which part of the 8-part tune is epic and which one is fail 🙂 Seriously, though, we love singing with Shameless. I think we just happened to catch them off guard by inviting them up and by the second run through, they were Lida-Rosing all over the place!!! Lots of laughs about this one, but the show must go on!

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