A little (actually, a lot of) help from our friends

Epic quartet, barbershop harmony, acapella, tote bag, personalized
We love our rehearsal totes! With pockets for water and room for music folders AND shoes, we're in love with these!

We have to take a few moments to share a HUGE virtual hug with Julia Duke. This fantastic chick stepped up to the plate in an amazingly selfless way to help Epic in our 2012 journey.

As many of you know, today ends a month-long fundraising effort we embarked on to earn funds for our extensive contest-related expenses. Julia Duke, Christina’s neighbor and BFF, is a Thirty-One consultant and she offered to set up the thermal tote sale to benefit Epic. She generously offered to turn over all of the profits to our cause, and we also earned a bunch of fantastic Thirty-One products to raffle off at our March 18th benefit concert. Those of you who are in the area and plan on joining us are going to have some really cool prizes to fight over.  🙂

Epic Quartet, a Harmony Inc. barbershop quartet
These personalized jewelry pouches help keep the bling in order!

We should share with you that Epic is no stranger to Thirty-One products. They fit the barbershop realm very well, in fact, since you can personalize just about everything the company sells. Gotta love when you can plaster your quartet name on stuff!

We are SO GRATEFUL to Julia for her support and we would encourage you to reach out to her the next time you’re looking to outfit your quartet (or friends and family) with fantastic accessories. She’s a true professional and we’re so lucky to have her as our friend.

Visit Julia’s Thirty-One site and you’ll be hooked too! Thank you to everyone who supported us. We can’t tell you how much it means to us! Thank you, thank you!!!

Cheers for epic bags and epic friends!

Epic, a Harmony Inc. barbershop quartet, personalized rolling tote
And the BEST one of all.... a rolling weekend tote that says "Contest Weekend." Every barbershopper is drooling, right??

One thought on “A little (actually, a lot of) help from our friends

  1. THANK YOU does not begin to cover how wonderful you have just made me feel. Love you guys!

    It has truly been a great experience and I am so looking forward to the concert on March 18th!

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