An Epic Success!

Epic, a Harmony Inc. quartet, Rock 'n' Roll Marathon performance
Thanks to our coach, Richard, for stepping in on the bass part for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon!

Oh my goodness…. what a WEEKEND! Bright and early Saturday morning, we kicked off from Anne’s place to head down to the lovely Washington, D.C., to sing to 25,000 runners who were participating in the Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon and half marathon. We are so grateful that our coach and Epic hubby Richard Lewellen stepped in to sing with us since Shana couldn’t be there. That bass part was a little high for him, but he was a trooper and he even found a shirt to match our sparkly tanks!

Fast forward to Sunday evening. Oh man, where to begin? We have so many people to thank and so many fond memories of the evening that it’s hard to know where to start! First and foremost, what an amazing turn-out!! We are so humbled (and were completely surprised) at how many friends, co-workers, family members and fans came out to spend time with Epic on a Sunday evening. Our goal to earn money to travel to Montreal for contest was far exceeded and we’re still a little shaky and giddy about the overwhelming (truly, truly overwhelming) support you all gave us. A big thanks to Shameless, to whom we were already indebted for just showing up and being a part of our show, and then presented us with a special check for our traveling fund. We love them to pieces and are so glad to have them as our go-to guys!

Anne’s band, Outer Loop, was a stellar addition to the program, as were Shana’s beautiful mom and sister, who joined her for a three-part tune with a Motown flair! We also put together a family quartet of Richard and Chris Lewellen, John Rector and Kris (Rector) Adams…very fun to sing with our guys!

A big thank you to our family members who kept the whole thing running smoothly and provided amazing desserts for the reception (Debbie Parmerter, Cindy Seames, Cat and Tom Lander), to Duane Giglia for letting us dip into her catering supplies, Julia Duke and Valerie Reese for the amazing raffle items (we couldn’t have earned them without you guys!), the Universalists of Sterling for the beautiful facility, to our out-of-town fans who supported our raffle efforts, and to Richard Lewellen for being such a charming emcee for the evening. WE LOVE YOU ALL.

We will have more pictures and videos to add (another thank you to Tom Lander and Rob Adams) but here are a few to kick things off.

One last sappy word before we sign off… Our hearts are so full of love and appreciation as we head to Montreal for our Area 2 contest. The end of April will be here before you know it! To have so much support behind us is incredibly humbling. We’re four BFFs who have ridiculous fun together and we’re so grateful to everyone who’s with us on this amazing journey.

Videos from the 2012 Spring Benefit Concert

Shana singing our new tune, “High Heeled Blues”

Get Happy

Our 8-part tune with Shameless

Outer Loop (Anne Albright, Gregg Albright, Sarah Pramstaller, Jay Ridgeway, Rich Fredericks)

Shana’s AMAZING solo…and be sure to hit the 2:40 mark for a CRAZY vocal tumbling act!!!!

Shana and her beautiful family… mother Allyn Lloyd-Powell and sister Niambi Powell

We love our Shameless guys!!!

Epic — Are You Lonesome Tonight?

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