An Epic Cause

Hello friends! We recently received some exciting news … yet another amazing stop on this Epic journey! On the recommendation of our coach Lynn Jacobs, we auditioned to be a part of The A Cappella Sing-Off at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va. The contest, which takes place on Dec. 6, is super cool for several reasons:

  1. A Cappella contests are cool. We made some amazing friends during our Harmony Sweepstakes experience, so naturally we were up for round two!
  2. This particular contest is judged by Rockapella. Rockapella, people. Be still our collective hearts. Rock. A. Pellll. Ahhhh. *sigh*
  3. This event supports two fantastic charities. One for singers and one to promote lifelong literacy. Both of these fall squarely into our happy place.


While Rockapella (sigh, again) will determine The Sing-Off champs, part of the event includes an online campaign to determine the “fan favorite” of the contest. For $1 per vote, you can help Epic raise money for Literacy for Life and the Williamsburg Choral Guild, both 501 (c) (3) organizations.

We are competing against A Cappella groups representing a wide range of styles and some of them are BIG. With 10+ members, these other noble competitors may have an obvious advantage, but what they don’t realize is that we are part of a BARBERSHOP FAMILY!! Power in numbers.

We would appreciate your support… even just a single vote for $1. Or maybe a few votes for the price of a latte. Every vote will help!



We appreciate your help! Stay tuned to our Epic voting page to see how we’re doing!

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