The final countdown

We’re not sure about how other quartets feel right before a big contest, but we’re finding that peace and a strange stillness sort of settles on Epic in the days and weeks leading into a competition. At least that’s what we’ve found in the couple of times we’ve been fortunate to be heading to a contest. As we’ve been counting down for our FIRST International contest, we’ve kept up with our usual busy gig schedule because that’s what we love. We probably haven’t had as many focused rehearsals as some and we’re aren’t really striving to hit some sort of super-human peak on stage. We’re pretty comfortable with where we’re at and that’s all we hope to share with the audience. That’s really what we’re most excited about…sharing a piece of the Epic universe with the amazing Harmony, Inc., audience. We have some fun surprises in store.

We’re not stressing about the competition part, and we are really excited about the event itself. We enjoy traveling with each other and the prep work is always fun. Earlier this week, we shipped some Epic supplies to ourselves at the hotel and we have received some blingy new t-shirts to wear around in Orlando. Have we shared yet that we have 20 people (20!!!) traveling with the quartet to Florida to enjoy the experience with us? Parents, siblings, friends, kids…. it’s quite a gaggle!

We did our final long rehearsal on Sunday and worked on polishing a few minor things. We see each other one more time before we board a plane… just for a couple of hours and a handful of run-throughs. We are so incredibly grateful that Richard Lewellen has patiently and calmly shepherded us through this preparation process. Maybe that’s why we’re so calm… he sure makes it easy to focus on what matters.

So with just one week to go, we’re ready to rock-and-roll. We’re looking forward to seeing our Harmony, Inc., family and our Area 2 sisters. And because three of us have never, ever, EVER crossed the international stage in ANY barbershop competition, we’re confident that this experience will be one to remember, no matter what numbers end up on a page.

Travel safe and we’ll see you there! XOXO! Epic

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