Epic Cray-Cray!

So, yeah. We’re a little bit nuts. Some of us more than others. No names–Anne Albright. The three non-about-to-pop-a-baby Epics got together this week to make some bari-missing recordings for the lovely and unsuspecting Debbie Bosari, who has graciously agreed to fill in for Epic at Area 2 and a May show we have while Epic bari Kris welcomes baby #2 to our family (we claim the baby… it’s ALL OURS [insert evil laugh]).

Things are going well enough when we move on from Shana’s solo, High Heeled Blues, to Anne’s. Chris blows the pitch and Anne starts:

Umm, that’s how SHANA’s song starts, Anne… not yours.

So then we move on and do Anne’s actual solo, One More Minute. Here’s how that one ended:

So yes… what Shana says at the end. Poor, poor Debbie.

We’re thinking that it would be best if all of our Area 2 sisters could bring sympathy cards to contest. You’ll need to give Debbie strength, love and support during her time of need (a.k.a., filling in with Epic). We really hope Anne doesn’t break her. She’s just so cute. And we don’t have insurance for that.


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