A Family Affair

We have had a pretty awesome week, we’ve gotta say! First, and most important, we have a new baby in the Epic family. Earlier tonight, Kris and Rob Adams welcomed 8 lb.+ baby girl, Claire, into our Epic family. We are so blessed and super thrilled that she made a safe and healthy appearance into this world. Kris was a trooper through her final weeks of pregnancy… even keeping up with our gigs until just a few short weeks before giving birth!

We are, however, super happy we did not take Kris on a plane with us last weekend when we headed off to Area 2’s contest and convention! We don’t think the airport people would have been amused by a massively pregnant chick in glitter heels and pink/animal print gowns! So we left Kris home to stay healthy and happy while we went to hang out with our Area 2 sisters for a long weekend.

There were many amazing memories from last weekend, but the best of all was the out-of-this-world talented and sweet and flexible and loving Debbie Bosari. We couldn’t have asked for a more prepared or accommodating fill-in. She nailed our songs, put up with our crazy costuming selections, and patiently tolerated the craziness that often happens behind closed doors (and sometimes not!) in Epic’s universe. Larry kept us in line… sort of… most of the time… well, not really. But it was really cool to have him around 🙂

We were super impressed with how organized our hostess chapter, Women of Note, were through the whole weekend. These ladies thought of every detail and put on a heckuva party. Well done, chickies!

We are so proud to share (if ya’ haven’t heard) that Area 2 is sending a whole gaggle of quartets to International this year, including Area champs, Moonstruck. Seriously, these Moonstruck chicks are SERIOUS about what they put up there on that stage. It was such a pleasure to watch. Stunning performance…and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us at IC&C in Windsor this fall.

We have really enjoyed getting to know the “personalities” of the various choruses in our Area these last couple of years. The chorus contest was beyond impressive and we had the best seats in the house. Congrats to Sounds of the Seacoast for the top finish–and to each and every woman in every chorus that crossed that stage. It’s not easy to get up there and give it your all, but you certainly made for an enjoyable afternoon for your audience!

We had a lot of laughs, as usual, and made some fantastic new memories in Leominster. Our Facebook photo album captures some of the fun, so be sure to check that out. We are lucky chicks and we are having the time of our lives… we may have mentioned this one or two times, but we are incredibly blessed. And after our Area 2 weekend and adding another precious gem to the Epic family, we have even more blessings to count.

XOXO… Epic+ (Chris, Anne, Shana, Kris…and Debbie!)






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