Recording Journey, Part 2

1052621_500429576696176_1883950189_oFor part two, we join you from the gate area of Reagan Airport in Washington, D.C. We are here, we are happy and we have packed the lightest we have EVER packed for an Epic event. We decided it would be a fun challenge to not check any bags. For those of you who know our shoe fixation, this was no easy task. But with six adults (Epic, Richard and grandma Judy) and one 7 week old baby (and all of her STUFF) in tow, we thought the lighter, the better. Success!

We’re getting strange looks in the airport today because we’re wearing matching shirts. Security also stopped us and asked why there were so many crowns going through the X-ray machines! We are sportin’ quartet garb because we have been invited to stop by the Barbershop Harmony Society headquarters when we land. We’re really, really looking forward to it!!

So after we visit with the Barbershop Harmony Society folks, we’re going to check-in to our hotel and do some last-minute review for our Friday game plan. We’re planning to kick out a lot of songs in our first day… all of the contest songs, our novelty tunes, some of our older rep. We’re saving all of our new stuff for Saturday so we have more time to work through fewer songs.

We’ll share more about the process tomorrow after we do it! We know what to expect, thanks to Richard, but this is all new to us!

And… because Epic craziness should be celebrated, we’ve got a video camera in hand and we’re already capturing some fun moments. You never know what will happen when Anne is around.

XOXO…stay tuned!

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