Recording Journey, Part 5

AnneWe did it! We got all 14 songs recorded in one weekend. And we are TIRED! We had four songs left heading into our final few hours Sunday, and we weren’t sure we’d be able to get them all done. We started with a new song we learned for our swan set and then moved on to the 8-part song with Ashley (well, eventually with Speed of Sound!). We started getting nervous about the time… we had to leave in time to make our flight! We moved on to “My Romance” with a degree of focus that’s not exactly typical for Epic. The clock was ticking and we needed to get through the song quickly. Good thing that this contest ballad is still among our faves. We worked through the song and as soon as it was “in the can,” we got a little giddy and punchy. We had just one last item on our checklist… recording our version of the Star Spangled Banner. We sing Jim Clancy’s arrangement with a few Epic twists at the tag; it was the perfect song to leave for last. Nothin’ like ending with a screamer tag!

We missed our isolation booths the minute we walked out! We got connected with those little “huts” over the course of three intense days!! Just kidding, just kidding… but we sure did enjoy our time at the Wrights’ house. They are such a beautiful family and so much talent!!

We also have to share many thanks for our coach, Richard, and all of our husbands for holding down the forts while we were gone. We also had a several grandmas step up in a big way to care for Epic kids for the weekend. We are eternally grateful.

We may have some more insights to share (and some video to boot), but right now, we need a nap…


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