Recording Journey, Part 4

photo 2Today’s the day, ladies and gents. We have just four more hours in the studio to wrap up the last of our CD. We have settled into a groove on the process, but it has taken us longer to get through what we had planned to accomplish each day. We’re juggling the vocal fatigue, for sure, but we also have decided against “good enough.” The technology available for recording an album is beyond impressive. It can fix just about anything you want it to, and you can sing a section over and over until it sounds exactly like what you had in mind. But technology can’t create emotion. And it can’t create “fun.” So we’ve been dedicated to trying as hard as we can to capture the real Epic on the recording.

We are relying on technology today for one cool element of the CD. A while back, we learned an 8-part song to sing on a show with Speed of Sound, a fun and talented Sweet Adelines quartet. The members of the quartet are spread out throughout the South, and even if all four of them could be in Nashville with us this weekend, there aren’t enough isolation booths in the studio to accommodate eight singers at once. However, there are FIVE booths… which is exactly what we need to make this song work. Ashley, the lead of Speed of Sound, is going to sing the lead part of the Speed of Sound parts of the song while Epic sings the four-part version of our sections of the song. When we leave today, the Epic part will be recorded, using Ashley to help us get the timing right. Then, about a month from now, Speed of Sound will be in Nashville for a rehearsal and will lay down the tracks for their parts. Cool, isn’t it?

We’ll give you another update soon!

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