Honored to be among the nominees!

We woke up to some pretty amazing news this morning! The organizers running the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (a program put on my The Contemporary A Cappella Society) have announced the 2014 nominees.  We are THRILLED to be nominated twice!!!

It’s Epic has been nominated for Best Barbershop Album of the Year.

And Cruella De Vil has been nominated for Best Barbershop Song of the Year.

We have to say… we’re among some pretty impressive company in the field of nominees. In fact, our “big sisters” Harmony Queens quartet, Foreign Exchange (2011), is also nominated in both categories. Harmony, Incorporated REPRESENT!

We’d like to congratulate other fellow nominees GQ, A Mighty Wind, Touche, and Martini. Isn’t it GREAT to be a barbershopper!!!!???

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