It’s Show Time!

female barbershop quartet, Epic, 2012 Harmony Queens, a cappella harmony
Getting crazy at the Atlanta Harmony Celebration 10th anniversary event!

We have been having a very fun start to 2014. In early March, we participated in the Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes competition for the second time. We met new people and sang new songs, and we have definitely come a long way from our first showing in the 2012 contest. We walked away as first runners up once again, and the competition was beyond tough this year. With all of the focus on a cappella singing lately, we’re not surprised by bar being nudged higher and higher!

If you follow us on Facebook at all, you know that when we flew down to Atlanta to celebrate with the Atlanta Harmony Celebration chorus for its 10th anniversary, we had more fun than any sane quartet should have. Besides the fact that we bonded with our AHC Harmony Inc. sisters, we learned something at that show. When we were blessed to receive our crowns and gold medals, we had NO IDEA that the fun had just begun. Shows and out-of-town events are “girls’ weekends away” enhanced by the thrill of a performance. It’s been such a cool ride.

female barbershop quartet, Epic, 2012 Harmony Queens, Harmony Sweepstakes, Birchmere theater
2014 Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes

And this coming weekend, we have another milestone event on the books. You’ve probably heard us say this before, but in that first fall we were together, we had a show contract on our calendar before we even had two songs. That supportive and trusting chapter that hired us for the following spring, sight unseen (or maybe sound unheard), was the Fairfax Jubil-Aires, and now we’re excited to be appearing on the Fairfax chapter show for the third year in a row. But since Epic never offers up a “vanilla” experience, we’re going to do this year’s performance with some guest singers. Anne (our lead) is on her way to a Disney Cruise with her family right now, so we’ll be singing with Carter and Ashley from Speed of Sound–9th place medalists from Sweet Adelines. We love these ladies to BITS and we can’t wait to hit the stage with them. Since they are much sweeter than Anne, we promise not to do rude things to them while we’re on stage and we won’t make them sit in a time-out chair for messing up all the talk spots.

We love you, Anne. Have a great trip with your family. And we love you Ashley and Carter–thanks for “saving” us.

This is such a cool ride. Gotta go…almost show time again.

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